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    Methyl thioacetate

    • CAS No.2365-48-2
    • EINECS No.219-121-7
    • Molecular Weight106.14
    • HS code2930909099
    • Molecular formulaHSCH2COOCH3
    1. Detailed information

    CAS No. : 2365-48-2

    EINECS No.:219-121-7

    Molecular weight: 106.14

    HS Code: 2930909099

    Molecular Formula: HSCH2COOCH3

    Melting point (°C): -24°C

    Boiling Point(°C): 42-43°C (10 mmHg

    Flash Point(°C): 56°C

    Water solubility : 40 g/L (20°C)

    Product description:

    Methyl thioacetate is a kind of raw material of thifensulfuron methyl (herbicide),intermediate of pharmaceutical & flavor,used for heat stabilizer. Methyl thioacetate mainly used as medicine and pesticide intermediates, thioglycolic acid methyl ester is the herbicide thifensulfuron-methyl raw materials. Methyl thioacetate, chemical name: methyl thioglycolate, methyl mercaptoacetic acid methyl ester, is a colorless transparent oily liquid, soluble in water, garlic smell, synthetic pesticides, medicine, tobacco use Spices and food spices in the important body.

    Product usage:

    1. Raw material of medicine and farm medicine intermediate.

    2. The heat stabilizer to synthesize plastics.

    3. Blanket finishing agent and cold hot liquid raw materials.

    4. Methyl thioacetate can crystallization nucleating agents and coatings for polypropylene molding.

    Product safety Protection:

    Keep away from heat, sparks, and flame. Methyl thioacetate keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry,well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances and flammables-area.

    Package:200L plastic drum ,240 kg each drum.

    Product parameters:





    Colorless liquid

    Colorless liquid

    Purity %



    Specific gravity g/cm3



    Free acid (%)



    Chroma (Pt-Co)




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